Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Renewal Prayer for the Deaf Catholic Church

The Revd Fr Michael Depcik OSFS has composed a beautiful prayer for the renewal of the Deaf Catholic Church. As he respectfully indicated at the recent National Catholic Office for the Deaf's annual Pastoral Week, the Deaf Catholic community is "in crisis" for lack of new, qualified pastoral workers and sacred ministers.

Readers are cordially invited to click here and follow the prayer he composed. Please take time out of your schedule every Friday to pray this "Renewal Prayer for the Deaf Catholic Church."

As the Director of the Mark Seven Bible Institute, I have decided that this prayer will be signed in common every morning and that the intentions of this prayer will be remembered at each celebration of the Eucharist.

Happy praying!


  1. This is a very inspiring video. Also reminds me of how little we use this format for ministering to the Deaf Community.

  2. Absolutely. As Fr Depcik emphatically reminded us at the recent NCOD Pastoral Week, we need to make use of technology to evangelize and catechize the Deaf community.

    Let us not forget the greatest technology used by St Paul in his three missionary journeys--the Roman Road!

    Best to you.

  3. Thank you for this prayer. The new health care proposal is a way promot ideas of eugenics I am afraid. The same evil that promots a cultural acceptance of this is the same one that errods deaf ministry. To many are easily convinced that science and reason can just make the question of a person not being able to hear a non issue. The ability for the culture to see the pascal mystery is not strong. The reality is that problems are not to be avoided. They are the way God transforms the world. They are the dorways to eternal life. Now the attitude is that the old and the sick, the deaf and the blind, are just to be pittied and mercy becomes murder all to easily. It will be called mercy the way abortion is called choice. Let us pray with confidence for God will cast down the mighty from their thrones and lift up the lowely. May we be counted as lowely ourselves.


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